Missing Irish father and son found thanks to camera flash

Missing Irish father and son found thanks to camera flash

Missing Irish man Stephen White and his son Chris White, who had been lost along the Lycian Way, were rescued on Monday.

August 04, 2010, Wednesday/ 16:14:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
A missing Irish man and his son were found by rescue teams on Monday night after the pair used the flash on their camera to make themselves visible to search teams.On Monday night Stephen White, a high-ranking official in a company in Ireland who is currently in Turkey for a summer vacation, had gone for a hike with his 29-year-old son Chris White along the “Lycian Way,” a popular trail leading from the town of Fethiye to Antalya along what was once the coast of ancient Lycia.

After they had walked nearly four kilometers, they lost their way. Stephen White began to feel faint as the sky was becoming increasingly dark and they had no water to drink. Chris, who became anxious about his father’s health, called their hotel on his cell phone to ask for help. Three different teams, including gendarmes, officials from the Turkish Search and Rescue Society (AKUT) and locals who know the region well, were dispatched to search for the missing pair after staff from the hotel notified the police of the situation.

Rescue teams kept in contact with Chris White over his cell phone to figure out where they were. They asked him to describe where they were exactly, but he was unable to do this because it was already night. Mentioning that he had a camera, Chris was advised to use the flash on his camera to reveal his location. He repeatedly used the flash and the rescue teams subsequently found them. The father was immediately taken to the Fethiye State Hospital in Muğla. Stating that he was very happy to be found by the rescue teams, Chris White offered them his gratitude. Ersin Gür, who works for AKUT, said that they reached the father and his son as a result of a well-rounded search, which took nine hours. Stating that while Stephen White was suffering from shock due to the event, Gür noted that his condition was not serious.

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