Ministry takes strict measures against noise pollution from nightclubs

May 25, 2012, Friday/ 17:13:00/ ERCAN BAYSAL

The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning has taken strict measures against nightclubs and pubs in order to prevent noise pollution from disturbing residents living near these establishments.

With the arrival of the tourist season, the ministry has increased its inspections of nightclubs and pubs which disturb residents with loud music that continues into the early hours of the morning every day.

In order to facilitate the inspections, the ministry has formed a map displaying the locations of the nightclubs and pubs for nine cities across Turkey, including Antalya, İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Aside from the map, the ministry has also created a system which enables the ministry to check the noise levels of the nightclubs and bars online, for which these establishments can pre-register with the ministry. Within the scope of this system, the ministry has installed the necessary equipment in 2,612 nightclubs and pubs so far for online checking.

Commenting on the recent measures, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdoğan Bayraktar told Today's Zaman that this system will be expanded to include all of the nightclubs in the country and that the necessary infrastructure for the system will be established in all of these clubs. “With this system, the ministry will be able to check nightclubs in terms of noise pollution from the centers,” the minister noted. Nightclubs with music that is excessively loud will be fined up to TL 19,000. These clubs may also face temporarily closure if they exceed volume limits determined by the ministry.

The municipalities will play a more active role in inspections than before. The municipalities will have the authority to take measures against nightclubs which violate the volume limits.

In 2010, the ministry imposed a total of TL 174,592 in fines on nightclubs in İstanbul, some of which were closed down temporarily. Because of the strict measures against noise pollution in 2010, İstanbul had no major problems on this issue in 2011. In Antalya, regarded as the entertainment capital of Turkey, primarily in the summer, the ministry imposed fines amounting to TL 868,479 on 293 night clubs in 2011.

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