Man whose girlfriend was killed in honor crime shot dead

Man whose girlfriend was killed in honor crime shot dead

Güldünya Tören with her baby (Photo: Cihan)

November 14, 2011, Monday/ 18:08:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

The boyfriend of a woman who was killed by her brothers seven years ago in honor killing has also been shot dead, allegedly by the woman’s father.

Güldünya Tören’s brothers, İrfan and Ferit Tören, killed their sister in an attempt to “cleanse their family honor” in İstanbul in 2004. then 22, had a child with her boyfriend before marriage.

Tören's brothers then attempted to kill her. She escaped her brothers’ first murder attempt, but was later shot dead by her brothers at a hospital where she was receiving treatment.

The man thought to be father of Tören’s child, Servet Taş (38), was also killed on Monday morning by two people in the Sultanbeyli district of İstanbul. The suspects, one of them is believed to be Tören’s father, killed Taş, shooting him six times in the shoulder and head.

The suspects escaped the scene of the crime in a car. Police are now looking for three suspects, including Tören’s father.

İrfan Tören was sentenced to 16-and-a-half years for the first murder attempt and life for the actual murder committed. Ferit Tören, who was a minor at the time of the murder in 2004, received eight years, four months for the initial attempt and 15 years for the death of his sister.

The Supreme Court of Appeals then annulled the decision, stating that the suspects must receive separate punishments for the crime. The case was sent back to 5th Bakırköy High Criminal Court and the court handed down a life sentence to İrfan Tören and 23 years, four months to Ferit Tören.

Following the birth of her baby, Tören had sought refuge from her family at a police station in İstanbul, where she was promised by police that she would “not be killed.” However, police then sent Tören to the home of her uncle, Mehmet Tören, in the Fatih district, where she was later attacked by her brothers.

She escaped the attack and was taken to Bakırköy State Hospital with serious injuries. In her testimony delivered to police at the hospital, Güldünya said her brothers had tried to kill her, but added that she would not file a complaint. Two days after the first attack, Tören’s two brothers then shot her in the head twice.

Tören, who left her village in Bitlis and moved to her uncle’s home in İstanbul, in her testimony on Oct. 8, 2003 said she had filed a complaint against her uncle, who she alleged had threatened her with death.

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