Man who bought 13-year-old commits suicide in prison

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 11:06:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A man who bought a 13-year-old girl for TL 5,000 in 2006 committed suicide in prison on Wednesday, hanging himself from a window bar with a bed sheet.

Guards at the Antalya L-type Prison found 54-year-old Yusuf A. on Thursday and sent his body to the Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK) for an autopsy. He had been given a 24-year sentence, while the girl's father had been sentenced to seven years, nine months, 22 days in prison.

Antalya deputy chief public prosecutor and press spokesperson for the court Hüzeyin Güler announced the start of an investigation into Yusuf A.'s death. “As with all other events that take place in state custody, the routine administrative and criminal proceedings have been initiated,” Güler, describing the autopsy and collection of personal documents and phone conversations, told the press. “As in all criminal cases occurring in prison, an administrative investigation into prison management and officials involved has begun,” he added.

The court convicted Osman Y., the father of then-12-year-old E.Y, of “aiding in the crime of restricting one's freedom for sexual purposes and sexual assault” and sentenced him to seven years, nine months, 22 days in prison. The court also convicted Yusuf A. of “depriving one of freedom for purposes of sexual abuse” and “continuous sexual assault.”

The incident was picked up by the Turkish media in February, but took place six years ago. The two men reportedly signed a handwritten contract, a copy of which was published in several Turkish newspapers.

The contract, dated Feb. 12, 2006, features a paragraph written by Osman Y. that reads: “I have sold my daughter for TL 5,000. I handed my daughter E.Y. over to Yusuf A. on Feb.12, 2006. I have received the payment in cash. My daughter will be under the control of Yusuf A. from the above-mentioned date onward. I give my consent as a father. The contract has been signed. The girl has also given consent and signed the contract.”

Yusuf A., who divorced his wife and has four children, allegedly took the girl to a hotel in Kemer, Antalya, and raped her. The young victim continued to attend school while being held captive by Yusuf A.

The girl's situation was discovered by a guidance counselor at her school when students were asked to write down something that bothered them as part of an assignment. E.Y. promptly left the classroom in tears. She then told her teacher that she had been sold by her father to her brother's boss and the teacher reported the case to police.

The father had earlier said Yusuf A. had introduced himself as a member of the Turkish “deep state” and had told him that he was going to “train” his daughter for secret state services. Testifying in court, Yusuf A. had denied having sexual intercourse with E.Y.

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