Loads of counterfeit medications seized at İstanbul airport

January 08, 2010, Friday/ 15:54:00/ SEYFETTİN KOÇAK
Customs officials have captured dozens of counterfeit medicines, including Viagra and weight-loss pills, along with pen voice recorders and spy cameras in five bags that belonged to two passengers at the İstanbul Atatürk Airport.The officials reported that two Turkish citizen coming from the Azerbaijani capital of Baku yesterday morning went through a customs check with their bags. They were stopped by customs when they tried to leave the airport without reporting the contents of their bags. Following an X-ray scan, officials opened the bags and found the contraband. Twenty-two packages of Viagra and 16,320 weight-loss pills, which may pose a great risk unless used under medical supervision, and 40 pen voice recorders and spy cameras in all were found in the passengers’ bags. The suspects have been taken into custody and will be charged.
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