KAMER teaches Tunceli women how to produce soap

May 02, 2009, Saturday/ 16:44:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES
The Women's Consultation and Solidarity Center (KAMER) is teaching women in the eastern province of Tunceli how to make soap in order to open up employment opportunities for them. Established in the southern province of Diyarbakır 12 years ago, KAMER carries out its work in 23 eastern provinces in Turkey, supporting women in the region. The center aims to achieve the active participation of women in business. The members of the center in the Tunceli branch are learning how to produce soap using traditional methods.

The idea of encouraging women entrepreneurs was initiated after studies identified the needs of women in the region. Ayşenur Gedik, consultant for the women entrepreneurs at the Tunceli branch of the KAMER, told the Anatolia news agency, "At KAMER, our theme for this year is ‘Production is Living'."

Explaining that one of the initiatives in Diyarbakır produces bags out of waste materials, Gedik said: "There is a lot of unemployment, and women are most affected by this. The little soap workshop here may be a very small drop in the ocean, but it means a lot. We will try to find a place in the market for our products, which do not contain chemicals. Our aim is to enable our friends to earn money and take part in the production process."

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