İzmir serial killer had plans for murder of ex-girlfriend

May 01, 2010, Saturday/ 16:42:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
As details continue to trickle out about Hamdi Ayrı, captured in Bodrum last week after killing three people in as many days in İzmir, it is becoming increasingly clear that the murderer planned to continue his deadly spree.Apprehended in an early morning operation on Wednesday as he slept in a hostel in Bodrum’s Muğla district, Ayrı had, it appears, only been taking a break before continuing to kill. Speaking with police after being transferred to İzmir following his arrest, the serial killer spoke coolly about the events, telling officers, “If I hadn’t gone to sleep because I was so tired, I was going to kill my old girlfriend, too.” Ayrı also told police that his former girlfriend -- Hepgül Gür, who lives in Bodrum and has a criminal record for prostitution -- had treated him badly and led him to lose trust in women, which some speculate may have motivated the serial killings.

Meanwhile, as police continue their investigation into the killer’s movements over the past few days, close calls with the killer have surfaced. An hour before Ayrı shot his third and final victim, transvestite Mustafa Has, he had attempted to solicit another transvestite in the same area, Kazım T. “I grew suspicious when he tried to get me into a deserted area,” Kazım T. said after identifying Ayrı from a police lineup of six men. Similarly, it has emerged that in January, it was also Ayrı who cut a female university student on her arm and back with a knife in an attempted robbery. The student, D.B., was also able to positively identify him for police.

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