İstanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office moves to Çağlayan Courthouse

May 14, 2012, Monday/ 13:10:00/ OSMAN ARSLAN

The İstanbul Specially Authorized Public Prosecutor's Office, which is currently involved in a number of high-profile investigations, moved from the Beşiktaş Courthouse to the Çağlayan Courthouse on Monday.

Prosecutors from the İstanbul Specially Authorized Public Prosecutor's Office currently conducting investigations into Ergenekon -- a shadowy crime network with alleged links within the state suspected of plotting to topple the government -- and the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) coup plan gathered in front of the Beşiktaş Courthouse, where they have been based since 1994. The prosecutors took some souvenir photos in the front of the building.

Speaking to the press, İstanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Fikret Seçen said: “It is time to say goodbye. We have served in this building for 18 years. Of course, what makes a building valuable is the people in it. Many major investigations have been conducted here, in this building. My colleagues have worked devotedly here. Now we will resume our work at our new premises.”

Following the press conference, the prosecutors made their way to the Çağlayan Courthouse, their new workplace.

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