İş Bank says unable to do anything about Atatürk’s grandchildren’s demand

January 30, 2013, Wednesday/ 16:04:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Chief Executive Officer of Turkey's İş Bank Ersin Özince has said he believes the bank is unable to do anything about the inheritance demand of the sons of Ülkü Adatepe, the adopted daughter of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Akşam daily reported on Wednesday.

Adatepe's sons Ahmet Kemal Doğançay and Ali Kemal Doğançay sent notarized letters to demand that the Republican People's Party's (CHP) and Turkey's largest bank, İş Bankası, deliver their grandfather's $1 million inheritance to them.

They say their mother never succeeded in claiming her rightful inheritance from her father. In their letter they state that their mother's rights were violated, which is why they are asking for the money that belongs to her.

The sons sent the letters to the CHP and the İs Bankası through lawyers Osman Ersin Kozanhan and Erdi Yıldız.

Adatepe was killed in a traffic accident last year in İstanbul. Her sons say they are preparing to file a lawsuit against the CHP and the İş Bankası if they refuse to pay the heritage to them.

In remarks to the daily, Özince said the bank has so far acted in line with the will of Atatürk and made regular payments to Adatepe until her death.


“Ms. Adatepe received a significant sum of money until her death, which I think was a good sum according to the standards of our society. I don't think there was any problem in that,” Özünce said, voicing his regret over Atatürk's will being a matter of a controversy.

 Özince said jurists will consider the sons' demands but does not think they will respond in the affirmative.

The CHP also voiced its uneasiness about the inheritance demand. The party's deputy chairman, Adnan Keskin, said Adatepe was regularly paid by the party until her death.

“Looking at the situation from a legal perspective, it is hard to understand why a case will be filed against the CHP concerning this issue,” he said.

İş Bankası was established by Celal Bayar on Atatürk's orders in 1924. Atatürk prvoided TL 250,000 of the total TL 1 million capital to establish the bank. Before he died, he left all his property to the CHP, including his shares in the bank. The CHP and İş Bankası now act as business partners.

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