Husband murdered in row with wife

September 19, 2011, Monday/ 14:20:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A woman shot and killed her husband on Friday in the Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı province after a dispute broke out between them.

The woman, according to sources close to Today's Zaman, had allegedly been the victim of repeated domestic violence by her husband. Witnesses say a fight between the two, which began for unknown reasons, turned deadly when the woman struck her husband with a hammer, severely injuring him. Soon after, she returned with a gun and shot him in the abdomen, fatally wounding the husband.

The husband's murder is a rare twist on the all too common story of domestic violence in Turkey, where women suffer alarmingly high rates of physical abuse.

A recent study, titled "Domestic Violence Against Women in Turkey” and commissioned by Hacettepe University, estimates that four out of 10 women are victims of repeated physical violence at the hands of their husbands.

The scale of Turkey's domestic violence problem, which has been better documented in recent years, is compounded by the fact that almost all abused women -- 90 percent, according to the Hacettepe study -- do not seek help from outside organizations after suffering abuse.

The fight against domestic violence has expanded in recent years, as a rising number of studies and campaigns to raise awareness sought to bring the issue badly needed publicity. In July, President Abdullah Gül ordered the State Audit Institution (DDK) to investigate and propose solutions to Turkey's domestic violence problem.

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