Güngören bombing perpetrators identified

September 20, 2008, Saturday/ 18:04:00/ MUHAMMED ÇİMEN
The İstanbul Police Department security intelligence office director has stated that the perpetrators of the Güngören bombings, which occurred at the end of July and left 17 dead and more than 150 wounded, have been identified.
Families of Güngören victims were hosted at an iftar (fast-breaking dinner) at the Green Park Hotel by the Güngören Municipality. Speaking at the event, Ali Fuat Yılmazer, the head of the İstanbul Police Department security intelligence office, gave details to guests about the investigation carried out following the attacks.

Yılmazer said eight people, including the person who planted the bombs, have been arrested. "The person who prepared and gave the bombs to the perpetrator has also been identified, but he is on the run," he added. Yılmazer also voiced appreciation for the support the police department received from the public in the investigation. "We arrested nearly 15 suspects using evidence from the bomb they prepared before they fled and thanks to the support of the public. The future of our country will be bright if we can remain united in difficult times."  Güngören Mayor Yücel Karaman also spoke at the iftar, saying it was important to come together to ease some of the pain of the attacks.

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