Greenpeace calls on Erdoğan to act on climate change

December 06, 2010, Monday/ 17:07:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Greenpeace Mediterranean held two simultaneous protests with pajamas and pillows to draw attention to the government’s inactivity in the face of climate change, on Saturday in İstanbul and İzmir.

Protestors in both cities called on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to take steps for climate change with placards that said “Erdoğan don’t sleep, act for the climate.” They want the government to take necessary steps at a climate summit in the Mexican city of Cancun. The 16th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) started on Nov. 29 to run through Dec. 10.

“The meetings are continuing in Cancun. The Turkish government is taking part in the meetings without promising to reduce emissions. While climate change knocks at our door with all its disasters, the decision-makers continue to sleep. Taking 19th place in the world in greenhouse gas emissions, Turkey continues its long sleep claiming that it is a developing country and it has little contribution to the climate change,” said Emel Türker, spokesperson for Greenpeace Mediterranean.

“The government must wake from its deep sleep, give up handling climate and energy issues separately and take serious steps for an energy revolution by taking action.”

Speaking in the name of the Global Action Group (KEG), Mine Kösem said the government simply views the landslides that caused the deaths of 11 people and the excessive rainfall in İstanbul and Bursa as natural disasters.

“The Pakistan floods, the Russian forest fires, floods and droughts, are all ‘natural disasters’ for them. All they do in the face of these natural disasters is shed tears and express their sadness. They don’t have a solid and realistic resolve to address climate change,” she added.

Greenpeace Mediterranean called on the government to sign a legally binding deal to reduce carbon emissions, also calling on developed nations to provide funds for poorer countries in the struggle against climate change. 

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