Girl under police protection murdered by brothers

December 29, 2011, Thursday/ 17:02:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES

In the latest incidence of domestic violence to shake Turkey, 21-year-old Hacer Akçal returned to her home in the Kahta district of Adıyaman province on Wednesday under police protection to collect personal belongings and was stabbed to death by her two brothers.

According to a written statement from Adıyaman Mayor Ramazan Sodan, the incident dates back to September when Akçal ran away from home, the Anatolia news agency reported. Following her disappearance on Sept. 16, Akçal's family immediately reported her absence to the police, whereupon search teams were dispatched to find the 21-year-old. She was discovered in the nearby town of Şanlıurfa and returned to her family the next day.

On Wednesday, Akçal went to the police, reporting that she had just escaped from her bedroom where her family had kept her locked up since she had been escorted back home in September by the police. The 21-year-old also reported that members of her family frequently beat her and threatened to kill her if she left the house. By her own request, Akçal was brought to the provincial directorate of the Family and Social Policy Ministry, where police were instructed to provide the girl with protection and accompany her to her family home to gather her belongings.

As soon as Akçal arrived, a fight broke out between her and her father, Osman, and two brothers, 23-year-old Üzeyir and 17-year-old Mehmet. In the commotion that ensued, Akçal was stabbed three times in the chest and stomach. She later died at Kahta State Hospital. Her father and two brothers, both of whom had a knife in their hand, were arrested at the scene of the crime.

In another sobering case of domestic violence in Turkey, it has emerged that S.F., a 15-year-old girl who became pregnant after being subjected to a gang rape in April and was married off to the main perpetrator of the incident, 33-year-old İ.B., was admitted to Karşıyaka State Hospital in İzmir on Tuesday night after being beaten by her husband. İ.B. was taken into custody after the hospital informed police of S.F.'s age, but he was released pending charges.

The 15-year-old's drama began eight months ago when, following an invitation to İ.B.'s home in the İkiçeşmelik area of the Konak neighborhood of İzmir, she was raped by İ.B. and three of his friends. They threatened her, telling her not to say anything, and sent her home.

Four months later, upon learning she was pregnant, S.F told her parents what had happened, whereupon they decided the best course of action would be for their daughter to marry İ.B. They summoned İ.B. to the family home, and it was agreed the two would marry. They started living together in the Gümüşpala neighborhood after the wedding but before the civil ceremony took place. İ.B. has now been released pending trial.

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