Former minister Aydın acquitted of corruption

Former minister Aydın
   acquitted of corruption

Koray Aydın

October 06, 2007, Saturday/ 20:33:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
A former minister of public works and settlement on was acquitted on Friday of all charges directed against him at the Supreme Council, a special council of the Constitutional Court convened when former ministers and prime ministers are on trial.
Haşim Kılıç, the deputy chair of the Constitutional Court who chairs the Supreme Council, announced the court’s verdict acquitting Koray Aydın of all charges yesterday, abolishing a stay of execution decision on Aydın’s assets as well as his wife’s and children’s.  Aydın had been charged with “rigging a tender,” “abusing his power” and “unjustly acquiring wealth.” He was acquitted of the accusations of rigging 12 construction tenders by a unanimous vote of the court members. The court said the legal elements of crime had not been met by Aydın to “abuse his authority” in not taking the necessary precautions while carrying out inspections to prevent corruption in the ministry. Four members, including chief judge Haşim Kılıç, voted against Aydın’s acquittal on the same charge, regarding 16 tenders including the construction of the Mardin Dormitory for Students, the Gaziantep State Hospital and another dormitory in Palandöken. However, the rest of the court members voted for his acquittal.

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