Foreigners choose Antalya for romantic weddings

February 21, 2010, Sunday/ 12:12:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Promoting “wedding tourism” in the Turkish market, Wedding City Antalya CEO Erman Fikret Korkmaz has said the number of foreigners who want to get married in Antalya is on the rise.He told the Anatolia news agency that the company has prepared posters and brochures in Turkish, Russian, English and German to advertise wedding tourism in Turkey. The company’s slogan is “Get married on Mount Olympus, where Zeus proclaimed his love to Hera.” Noting that they have prepared a special package for couples who’d like to get married on Oct. 10, 2010 (10/10/2010), Korkmaz said they have contacted close to 100,000 tourism agencies and Turkish consulates in Europe and Russia and an additional 500 journalists abroad publicizing the organization.

“There is a high demand for Antalya from couples who are planning their weddings through a wedding company abroad. There is major interest especially from Russia. We are trying to attract couples who want to get married with a special promotion we have prepared for Oct. 10, 2010. At the Wedding City Antalya group, we are working with all our Turkish partner tourism companies in Europe to make a name for ourselves in the world market and to make Antalya a capital for wedding tourism. We are also continuing to meet with other tour companies that bring the most tourists to Antalya from Europe and Russia,” Korkmaz said.

With the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Antalya Culture and Tourism Directorate, the Demre Municipality, the Demre Governor’s Office and the Tourism Council, the company’s “Wedding Tourism Project” has attracted more and more interest from people, Korkmaz said. “From now on Antalya’s prettiest ancient ruins, historic sites and natural sites will become popular wedding locations for couples from all over the world,” he said.

He noted that a couple from Ukraine will be getting married on the top of the 2,365-meter-high Tahtalı Mountain located within the Olympus National Park in May. So far 20 couples, mainly from Russia but also from America, the UK and other countries have chosen to get married in Antalya, with the number increasing daily. Korkmaz noted that in addition to the couples getting married, many relatives, close friends and other guests accompany the couples to


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