Five-year-old paraplegic awarded wheelchair in Antalya

Five-year-old paraplegic awarded wheelchair in Antalya

Five-year-old Gülperi rides in her new wheelchair.

September 07, 2011, Wednesday/ 13:24:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Five-year-old paraplegic Gülperi Semiha kurt will now be able to leave her home with the wheelchair she was given by the Akdeniz University Environmental problems research and Application Center in Antalya.

The child's unemployed mother, Özlem Kurt, participating in a campaign to collect blue bottle caps to get a wheelchair, managed to earn one for her paralyzed daughter. Kurt had a difficult time getting her daughter to and from the hospital and had to use a stroller before reading about the blue cap campaign in a newspaper, which prompted her to go door to door collecting bottle caps.

The Environmental Problems Research and Application Center's blue cap campaign coordinator, Huriye Oğuz, presented gülperi with the wheelchair. When she sat in the wheelchair for the first time, the 5-year-old said, “I want to go outside.”

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