Failed suicide bomber gets orders from PKK’s Bahoz

June 20, 2012, Wednesday/ 16:15:00/ TEKİN GÜRBULAK

A man caught with almost two kilograms of C4 explosives, who was allegedly planning to carry out a suicide-bombing attack in the western province of İzmir, is believed to have received orders from Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist Fehman Hüseyin, who goes by the codename bahoz.

According to undisclosed sources, terrorist uğur Ç. was planning to carry out a suicide bombing attack in İzmir and he was receiving orders from Bahoz. A list -- allegedly ordered by Bahoz -- detailing the future actions of the terrorist was reportedly found on him. Another allegation is that Uğur Ç. was going to attack military and police posts using remote-controlled explosives.

The PKK member was apprehended on Sunday and his statements to the police have led to the finding of 20 more kilograms of C4 explosives. The 26-year-old suspect was referred to an İzmir court on Tuesday. He is reported to have been trained in making explosives in northern Iraq by the PKK. Police also said he was a senior PKK terrorist.

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