Disabled woman walks after treatment in Samsun

Disabled woman walks after treatment in Samsun

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January 02, 2012, Monday/ 15:41:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A 22-year-old woman with a congenital mobility impairment is able to walk because of treatment she received at a hospital in Samsun.

cansu Öngel began traveling to Samsun six months ago from her home in Antalya for treatment at the private Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital. She has been able to walk with aid for the first time in her life as a result of physical therapy.

Öngel told the Anatolia news agency that she is very happy to be able to walk and that her dream is to be able to walk completely unaided.

Saying that she has gone to seven hospitals in three provinces to seek a cure, Öngel added that she underwent two surgeries in order to walk, but those efforts failed.

“I have been struggling for 22 years to walk. I would like to take care of my own needs without being dependent on anyone; at last I came to Samsun, and I am very happy to be able to stand up and walk with aid. Walking is a priceless and unspeakable happiness for me. I want to thank all of the doctors contributing to my treatment,” she said.

Noting that she had to spend most of her time inside, Öngel said she had to watch from the window as her friends played games outside. She added that she wants to run until she's out of breath and take an active role in life and not just watch from the window anymore.

Saliha Öngel, Cansu Öngel's mother, said she is very happy to see her daughter stand up and walk with aid. “This development in her treatment is the result of Cansu's inexhaustible determination and ambition. I hope Cansu will soon start to walk independently,” she said.

Cansu's doctor, physiotherapist Dr. Rabia Cerrah Karanfil, said Cansu has cerebral palsy and curing it is impossible, but Cansu has achieved important progress thanks to her hope and determination.

“Cansu's treatment will be life-long, and if Cansu stops doing the exercises, the disorder may revert to its previous state. Cansu should keep doing her exercises and never lose her motivation because the treatment's success depends on her determination and motivation,” Karanfil warned.

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