Demand high for GPS people tracking device

September 22, 2011, Thursday/ 11:52:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices for tracking people, called personal trackers and produced by vehicle tracking and security system manufacturer Arvento Mobile Systems, are in high demand in various areas around Turkey.

The device has been well received by parents who are concerned about the safety of their children. With incidents of kidnappings, child molestation and human organ trafficking on the rise, parents are worried about their children's whereabouts, prompting them to seek security measures for their children.

Arvento, GPS vehicle tracking and security devices producer has come up with the personal tracker, a device that helps parents follow their children‘s movements. These devices have been in high demand among parents recently, especially with the start of the new school year. The idea comes from previous tracking devices for pets and cars, which have been very successful. The device is smaller than a mobile phone and it can be put in a child's pocket or school bag.

The device, which tracks people via satellite, has a button that sends an instant emergency warning message to selected phone numbers, making it attractive to parents.

The chief director of Arvento, Özer Hıncal, told the Cihan news agency that the company has just sold 1,500 devices in Antalya and that demand is increasing in other provinces, too.

“Because it is easily carried and has practical use, parents are inclined to buy this device which costs only TL 300. They can use it to track everything they want to follow,” he added

Personal trackers used for various purposes

Apart from parents, relatives of Alzheimer's patients, a brain disorder characterized by gradual mental deterioration, find this device useful as it allows them to easily find their family members who suffer from Alzheimer's, who sometimes even forget how to get home.

Furthermore, jewelers who sometimes have to carry expensive jewelry in their bags use the personal tracker to find their belongings in the event of a possible theft. Even municipalities use this device to make sure their employees are working.

Hıncal notes that GPS tracking devices for vehicles are also in high demand, adding that undersecretaries of customs in Turkey have bought 1,250 personal trackers. They place the device on suspicious vehicles that come through customs to transport commercial goods and follow them until they leave Turkey. If the cars stray from their intended routes, police stop and search them.

Meanwhile, Hıncal said that there is some demand from abroad, too. He adds that the undersecretary of customs in Azerbaijan has bought 100 devices from the company. They use these devices to fight drug smuggling and monitor suspicious vehicles in the country.

Emphasizing that the company had a turnover of about TL 20 million in 2010, Hıncal says that they want to be an internationally renowned brand in the area of GPS. Their target for the future is to rank in the top three most successful companies in the world.

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