Bridge of Hearts will go beyond Turkish borders

July 19, 2008, Saturday/ 21:13:00


Education Minister Hüseyin Çelik has said the Bridge of Hearts project, launched by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Turkcell, will extend its scope in the years ahead and go beyond Turkey’s borders.
Çelik yesterday addressed around 400 students from the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa visiting İstanbul as part of the project, stressing that the Bridge of Hearts will continue by further expanding its scope. “We want this project to go beyond the Turkish borders. We want it to reach Europe and the United States,” he said.

The Bridge of Hearts project aims to establish friendship between the students of Eastern Turkey and Western Turkey and send 100,000 students on trips to cities in other parts of the country during the summer in an effort to strengthen ties between the two disparate parts of the country. “We hope that this project will expand our students’ vision and help them discover the beauties of our country. The project will conclude at the end of July, but we plan to continue it in the years ahead,” Çelik said.

Turkcell General Director Süreyya Ciliv expressed his satisfaction over having sponsored such a project. “Thousands of our students had the chance for the first time in their lives to travel to a city other than their own and establish unforgettable friendships. This was a great experience for them. As such experiences grow, they will pin greater hopes on the future and strive harder to realize their dreams.” he remarked.

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