Beylikdüzü Municipality vets save injured Kangal dog

Beylikdüzü Municipality vets save injured Kangal dog

August 02, 2011, Tuesday/ 14:37:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A dog that was severely wounded and nearly died after being shot with a pellet gun was brought back to life thanks to the efforts of a veterinarian of the Beylikdüzü municipality rehabilitation Center for animals, the municipality said on Sunday.

The dog, a kangal, was found in the beylikdüzü district of İstanbul by a passer-by. Twenty pellets were removed from the dog's body during an operation carried out at the municipality's rehabilitation center. “The Kangal has come back to life,” the municipality said in a jovial statement.

Beylikdüzü officials said they were still looking for the owner of the dog, which needs to undergo at least another 10 days of treatment at the shelter. If they fail to find the owner, they will make him available for rehoming as part of the municipality's adoption program.

The Beylikdüzü Municipality says other animals that were saved from life-threatening conditions by its veterinarians include a hedgehog and an owlet.

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