Batman baby dies after PKK attack, civilian death toll rises to three

Batman baby dies after PKK attack, civilian death toll rises to three

September 28, 2011, Wednesday/ 10:28:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

A pre-term baby who survived a deadly terrorist attack in the southeastern province of Batman on Monday after being delivered by caesarean section and whose mother was killed in a Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attack died early on Wednesday, the Anatolia news agency reported.

The terrorist PKK, which has recently been targeting civilians in its attacks, killed Mizgin Doru (35), who was eight months pregnant, and her 6-year-old daughter, Sultan Doru. Immediately after the attack doctors were able to save Doru's unborn baby, who was being kept in an incubator at a private hospital in Batman.

However, with the baby's death the number of civilians who died in the Batman attack has increased to three. Batman Provincial Health Director Namık Kemal Kubat told Anatolia that doctors were unable to save the baby's life. “We are so sorry. Everybody did what they could to save the baby, but we could not save it,” Kubat said.

A statement released by the Batman Governor's Office early on Tuesday stated that terrorists opened fire on civilians and police in the Yavuz Selim neighborhood, killing Mizgin and Sultan Doru. Doru's husband, her 8-year-old daughter and three police officers were also injured in the attack, while three terrorists were also killed.

The Batman incident is not the first in which civilians had been killed by the PKK. Fourteen civilians have been killed and 58 injured over the past 18 days in terrorist attacks carried out by the PKK, which has recently stepped up its attacks. The latest killing of four women in Siirt led to outrage across the country, including the country's predominantly Kurdish Southeast, with the public calling on the PKK to end its attacks.

The PKK attacked a car near a police academy with rifles and hand grenades in the southeastern province of Siirt last Tuesday, killing sisters Nergiz Evin (25), Zeynep Evin (31), Kevser Çekin (25) and Nurcan Olgaç (25). Two other women in the car, Nuran Evin and Gülcan Olgaç, were also injured in the attack.

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