‘Avcı is terrorist group’s leading member’

November 06, 2010, Saturday/ 17:44:00/ YASİN KILIÇ
A police officer who was convicted as part of an investigation into the connections between the mafia and the state following a traffic accident in 1996 has said Hanefi Avcı -- a coup suspect police chief -- is among the leaders of the Ergenekon terrorist organization, which is accused of attempting to overthrow the government. “Avcı is a figure that is at the central committee of Ergenekon,” said ex-convict Ayhan Çarkın during an interview at the state-owned TRT news station.

Çarkın was arrested following a car accident when a police chief and a mafia leader died while traveling in the same vehicle in the northwestern province of Balıkesir's Susurluk district in 1996. “He [Avcı] had all control over wiretappings during the Susurluk process,” he added.

Avcı was arrested in late September over links to the Revolutionary Headquarters, a leftist terrorist organization behind a deadly attack that took place in İstanbul in 2009. Police discovered audio clips featuring phone conversations of dozens of people, including some of the country’s leading figures, at Avcı’s Eskişehir home. Çarkın also said the Revolutionary Headquarters is a part of the Ergenekon gang. “What is called Ergenekon has arms everywhere. This gang uses the economics of hate very well. Their message is to kill people to make people heed their words,” he said.

He directed further accusations against Avcı. “You were my chief, my state. Blood has been spilled in this country because of you. Who else could have made that blood be spilled other than you?” he called on the police chief. On the specific issue of the Susurluk car accident, Çarkın said both the mafia leader, Abdullah Çatlı, and his girlfriend, Gonca Us, who also died in the accident, actually survived the crash but were later murdered. “According to the accident report there was not even a single scratch at the back of the Mercedes, but Çatlı and Us who were travelling at the back seats of the vehicle died because their necks were broken. A murder was committed there,” he said.

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