At least 23 dead, 81 injured in traffic accidents in Turkey

At least 23 dead, 81 injured in traffic accidents in Turkey

At least six dead and 34 injured in a traffic accident in Horasan district of Erzurum on Saturday.

June 05, 2011, Sunday/ 23:43:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

At least 23 people died and 81 others were injured in separate traffic accidents in Turkey over the weekend.

The accident with the most fatalities took place in Horasan, Erzurum province, in which six people died and close to 30 were injured. Horasan Governor Mahmut Ağbal told the Anatolia news agency that 34 people were injured in the accident and that some of those were in critical condition. Ağbal said 17 people were taken to hospitals in Erzurum while the remaining 17 were taken to Horasan State Hospital. Two of the dead passengers had gotten married only two weeks ago.

In Manisa's Akhisar district, at least six people died and six others were injured.

Ahmet Irmak (25) was driving a van with nine people down the Balıkesir-Akhisar highway when a tire blew out, causing the accident.

The driver, Aziz Erzen and Uğur Taner Tan died in the crash while Özcan Ören died at Akhisar State Hospital. The medical condition of five of the six wounded remains critical.

In Adana, Uğur Üçkayabaşı (20) and Levent Binici (19) died when their car drove into a parked 18-wheeler. Their bodies were taken to the Adana Council of Forensic Medicine [ATK] for an autopsy.

In Edirne, Ayşegül Peköz (28) drove into the guardrail near Havsa but survived the accident without injuries. She then telephoned her husband to come pick her up. After getting her luggage out of the car and crossing the road to wait for her husband, another car hit her, killing her instantly.

In Ereğli, Zonguldak province, two people were injured in a traffic accident, including a seven-month-pregnant woman, Nimet Yıldırım.

In İzmir, one died in an accident in Karşıyaka. Hüseyin İ. (49) hit Mustafa Kesen (79), who was trying to cross the road. Kesen died, while Hüseyin İ. was detained.

A three-car crash in Kocaeli left one person injured.

A motorcycle crash on the road between Hatay and Kahramanmaraş left İbrahim Kara (24) and his wife, Elif Kara (23), injured. Both were taken to Türkoğlu Fizik Tedavi Hospital. Elif Kara, whose is in critical condition, has since been transferred to Kahramanmaraş State Hospital.

In Niksar, Tokat province, one person was injured in a car accident.

In Erbaa, also in Tokat province, three died and eight were injured in a collision between a truck and a car. Nurettin Altınarığ (58), who was driving the truck, hit the car driven by Talip Faruk Evcim on the Niksar-Erbaa highway.

Three women, whose identities still remain unknown, died in the accident. Nurettin Altınarığ, Emine Altınarığ, Semiha Altınarığ, Muhammet Altınarığ, Mehmet Akif, Ayşe Nur Akif and Tuğba Kördikenlioğlu as well as Evicim, the driver of the car, were injured.

Nurettin Altınarığ, Emine Altınarığ, Muhammet Altınarığ and Evcim were taken to Niksar State Hospital, while Semiha Altınarığ, Mehmet Akif, Ayşe Nur Akif and Tuğba Kördikenlioğlu were taken to Erbaa State Hospital.

In Akyazı, Sakarya province, Mustafa Demir (23) died when his car fell into a waterway.

In Osmaniye, one was injured in a crash involving a car and an 18-wheeler.

Three died and 24 were injured in separate accidents in İzmir, Zonguldak, Kırklareli, Konya and Samsun on Friday.


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