Another body found in Cambodia-flagged freighter

February 23, 2012, Thursday/ 15:38:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The body of a crew member found by search and rescue teams on Wednesday in a Cambodia-flagged freighter ship, which sank in stormy seas off Turkey's Black Sea coast province of Zonguldak, was identified as the vessel's engine operator, Igor Khaietskyi (22).

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Zonguldak Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director Ahmet Güngör said the body was found by two divers in one of the ship's cabins at a depth of 40 meters and was sent to the Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK) for an autopsy.

Güngör said the body was still covered in a wetsuit and added, “We surmise the staff member understood that the ship was about to sink and put on a wetsuit. However, he was trapped in the cabin and drowned. He was rescued from the wreck by the divers.”

Güngör mentioned that the rescue team will continue looking for the five crew members who are still missing.

The Cambodia-flagged freighter ship named “Vera” sank on Jan. 31 en route from the Russian port of Rostov to İzmir. Those rescued were the ship's second and third captains, as well as the ship's cook. The bodies of three crew members have been removed from the sea, including Khaietskyi.

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