AK Party increases its support in postelection survey

July 04, 2011, Monday/ 15:36:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

According to the first public opinion poll conducted after the June 12 general elections, the Justice and Development party (ak Party) has increased its popularity by 1.2 percent, and voters prefer the AK Party because they want it to introduce a new constitution and continue with its policies that focus on serving the people.

The GENAR Research Company carried out the survey, titled “Postelection Agenda Research,” on June 17-21 to find out the current preferences of voters in the June 12 general elections. They were interested in learning what percentage of the vote each political party would get if an election were held today.

Pollsters Mustafa Şen and İhsan Aktaş interviewed 1,518 people from 17 provinces and 62 districts. Forty-three percent of the people who voted for the AK Party answered the question “Why did you vote for the AK Party?” with "Their policy of serving the people."

According to the survey, if elections were held today the AK Party would receive 51.1 percent of the total vote, an increase from the 50 percent share it received in the June 12 elections. The Republican People's Party (CHP) would get the same amount of votes, 25.9 percent; the Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) votes would decrease to 12.2 percent and independent deputies backed by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) would receive the same share of the vote, 6.7 percent. The share of the vote received by other parties would be 4.1 percent, whereas this figure was 4.7 percent in the June 12 elections.

GENAR's survey revealed that 67.8 percent of polled individuals demand a new constitution. The AK Party's voters gave the most support for a new constitution, with 84.2 percent, follow by the BDP, with 83.7 percent. In response to the question “Why did you vote for the AK Party?” 43 percent of AK Party voters said they voted for the party because of its focus on serving the people, 10.1 percent voted because of its leader, 10.1 percent for the stability it has brought about, 7.6 percent voted for its ideology, 6.3 percent for its honesty, 3.8 percent for the projects it has announced and 19.1 percent voted for the AK Party for other reasons.

According to the survey, 47 percent of AK Party voters are female, while this figure is 59 percent for the CHP and 41 percent for the MHP. GENAR stated that 38.4 percent of AK Party voters are in the 18-24 age group, while 33.9 percent of CHP voters are in that age bracket and this figure is 14.3 for MHP voters.

The results of the survey show that university graduates comprise 44.8 percent of AK Party voters, 32.1 percent of CHP voters and 13 percent of MHP voters.

Evaluating the results of the survey, GENAR President Aktaş said: “Political parties received the maximum votes they could get. It does not seem possible for them to increase their support for now.”

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