Adana governor speaks out against recent spate of murders

June 11, 2009, Thursday/ 18:38:00
Expressing sadness over 12 recent cases in which Adana residents have been killed by family members, Adana Governor İlhan Atış has called for increased dialogue, which he believes could prevent such tragedies from taking place in the future. “I was extremely distressed when I heard the news of the murders. They should never have happened,” Atış said, underlining the precautions that should be taken to help prevent similar acts of violence.

 After hearing that a boy had killed eight members of his family and a girl had murdered her mother, in addition to 10 similar cases in the area, Atış decided to set up a crisis desk to produce strategies to deal with these complex family situations. He emphasized the importance of dialogue within families, especially those with troubled children, and encouraged families to spend more time together. “Parents spend their time in cafes, playing cards and talking with their friends. However, they should spend time with their children and listen to their children's problems. Parents have nothing more valuable than their children,” he added.

Drawing attention to the fact that the girl who killed her mother is a successful student and that school psychologists had warned the family about the girl's aggressive behavior, Atış said parents should go to their children's schools and keep in touch with their teachers. “In order to prevent such incidents, we should watch our children carefully,” said the governor, adding that parents should know who their children's friends are, how much money they spend and where they go during their free time.

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