Accident at Atatürk Airport results in 5-ton fuel leak

Accident at Atatürk Airport results in 5-ton fuel leak

July 29, 2011, Friday/ 16:44:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A plane gushed five tons of fuel onto the tarmac of İstanbul Atatürk International Airport after its wing hit a ground services vehicle on Thursday.

With 80 passengers on board and weighted down with luggage and fuel, the Tatarstan Airlines aircraft crushed the vehicle. Passengers were safely evacuated from the plane.

Fire trucks arrived quickly on the scene to handle the potentially dangerous situation. Fire fighters sprayed foam over the leaked fuel to preven the risk of fire. Airport authorities said they were especially concerned because of the summer heat. The regional director for İstanbul Atatürk International Airport, Celal Özuğur, confirmed that the impact of the plane's wing resulted in the fuel spill. He said: “We took the necessary precautions. We called the fire department and they sprayed the fuel-covered areas with foam to prevent a fire. We stopped the seepage.”

Air traffic was not impacted by the accident, Özuğur said. “We only changed the route of taxiing aircraft.”

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