12 pct of primary school students suffering from obesity

April 27, 2012, Friday/ 15:07:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A recent study conducted jointly by Uludağ University and Bursa's local health authority has revealed that 12 percent of primary school students suffer from obesity, while 23 percent of them are overweight.

The study was conducted by Professor Hamdi Aytekin from the Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine and Dr. İlknur Vatan, a public health specialist at the local health authority. The study was conducted with 2,871 primary school students from various schools in Bursa province.

The children filled out questionnaires given by the doctors in order to gain information about the children's nutritional habits, socioeconomic status and sporting or physical activities. The children filled out the questionnaires together with their parents. The doctors measured the children's height and weight and calculated each child's percentage of body fat.

The doctors found that 12 percent of the children were obese while 23 percent were overweight.

According to the doctors' analysis, children whose parents are overweight are more likely to be obese. Going to school by bus or any other vehicle and not getting enough exercise are factors which cause the likelihood of children developing obesity to be 1.5 times that of children who engage in regular exercise. Children from families with a high economic status are 1.7 times more likely and children whose birth weight was over four kilograms are 1.8 times more likely to become obese than other children.

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