Court says pop singer Seki both bought and sold illegal substances
The İstanbul 9th High Criminal Court released its reasoned decison on a six year, three month prison sentence for pop singer Deniz Seki for dealing drugs on Tuesday.

The court's decision had been announced on May 22. However, Seki's lawyers immediately appealed the decision. According to the court's reasoned decision, the famous pop singer contacted a drug dealer, codenamed Hüsnü, numerous times in order to buy illegal substances for herself and to sell to friends.

The famous singer was jailed for 10 months in 2009 on the same allegations. Later in 2010, police recorded Seki's telephone conversations based on the suspicion that she had once again begun selling drugs.

Recordings of her telephone conversations revealed that Seki was in contact with Sinan Yüksel, who is among 19 suspects being tried for drug possession with the intent to sell. Furthermore, the recordings revealed that Seki had obtained the drugs from Yüksel and that her chauffeur, Mecit Çam, sometimes transported the narcotics he supplied her with.

When Seki was unable to afford the drugs, Yüksel would send them to her as a present. Seki and Yüksel developed a friendship after which the pop singer began to sell drugs to her friends.