What’s in a cup of corn?
Boiled, grilled, baked into bread -- there are many assorted, delicious tastes to corn. Most of the time the part of the corn we don’t give much thought to -- the part that we throw in the trash -- actually has great medicinal value. The corn oil found in husks is rather nutritious.

If we knew how to make use of the A, B1, B2, B3 and C vitamins found in corn husks, we could find a great new source of nutrition for our daily lives. A quarter of your daily suggested fiber needs is satisfied by eating one cup of corn.

The properties found in corn help prevent cancer and heart attacks, but can also have a laxative effect. It is important to pay attention to this possible side effect in particular. Also, the fatty acids that cause cholesterol and atherosclerosis are not found in corn germ oil.

Corn husks for treating cystitis: Add approximately a liter of water to 150 grams of corn husks and boil. Each day drink two cups of this sweetened with honey. The vitamin A that is also found in corn is especially helpful for eye health. For strong hair: Add a beaten egg to corn germ oil and olive oil and cover your hair with the mixture as you would with hair dye. Twenty minutes later rinse your hair. Once a week of this regime is enough.

Help for possible kidney stones: Once again corn husks can provide relief. Drinking corn husks that have been boiled with parsley can be taken as medicine for kidney stones. Corn also has a discernable effect on lowering cholesterol.

Corn flour: Corn flour is a great medicine for combating fresh corn’s laxative effect. Because of this, mix three heaped tablespoons in a bowl of yogurt and eat. You will immediately feel the healthy effects on your body. You may want to try the same recipe with wheat flour. Don’t forget that elements in flour that combat diarrhea are also found in the potatoes and rice we use. Using corn or wheat flour provides a more direct solution to the problem.

Corn bread: Our required ingredients are only seven cups of corn flour, two cups of hot water and a little salt. Sprinkle your desired salt into the corn flour. Add the hot water and knead for 10 minutes. Shape the corn dough and bake in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius until the bread rises. Your corn bread is ready. Offer it to your neighbors, use your corn bread for an anchovy and kale sandwich. When you take the bread out of the oven, while the bread is still hot create a light indent in the middle of the bread and spread some butter into it. When the oil begins to be absorbed by the dough, start eating. Your children and you will love it. Afiyet olsun!