Want to beat heat? Try cream puff with soy sauce ice cream

Want to beat heat? Try cream puff with soy sauce ice cream

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August 05, 2012, Sunday/ 11:18:00/ REUTERS

Soy sauce isn’t just for sushi anymore. At least, that’s the thinking of one Japanese confectionary company that has invented the cream puff stuffed with soy sauce flavored ice cream.

Not only that, it’s for a good cause -- helping to revitalize a city in northeastern Japan that was virtually wiped out by the March 11, 2011 tsunami. “It’s a mixture of soy sauce and ice cream, producing a well-balanced salty, yet sweet, ice cream which is perfect for the summer,” said Kunihiko Shirokawa at Tokyo-based confectioner Hirota, one of the developers. “We are planning another product for the autumn.” Hirota teamed up with Yamani Soy Sauce Co in Rikuzentakata, a city flattened by the massive waves, for a new twist on a flavor that has been around in Japan for some time. Although it looks like typical vanilla, the ice cream has a distinctly salty and vaguely nutty flavor.The collaboration was arranged by Seki Kinya, the head of Big Apple, an entrepreneurial consulting firm in Tokyo, who was inspired to do something to help after spending time cleaning up Rikuzentakata as a volunteer. “I was in Takata during the clean-up efforts, and happened to meet an associate of Yamani,” said Kinya.

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