Hemsworth at ‘The Huntsman’ premiere

May 15, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:58:00/ AP

Actor Chris Hemsworth has two things to celebrate. He was at the world premiere on Monday night of his new movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman,” with co-stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart in London.

And it was his first red carpet event since becoming a dad. Hemsworth’s partner, Elsa Pataky, has given birth to a daughter named India. The Australian actor said that “everyone’s healthy and well” but he was “a little anxious” to be at the premiere. ”Everything’s sort of come colliding at once and I’m trying to just keep it all together but so far so good,” he added. In “Snow White and the Huntsman” he plays a less paternal role, as the huntsman who is sent to kill the fairy tale princess [Stewart] by the wicked queen [Theron]. The movie has more action than previous incarnations of the story -- something that Stewart was happy to throw herself into. ”I’ve been wanting to do something really physical for a long time and anytime you can see genuine discomfort on screen, that’s not being faked,” she said. And the actress thinks she was more suited to it than the “Thor” actor.

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