US to Use Robots to Detect Bombs in Iraq

August 13, 2005, Saturday/ 18:14:00/ AA AA
The US Army has deployed robots with troops in Iraq to scout out suspected roadside bombs.

Colonel Gregory Tubbs, saying that bombs have been exploded during the passage of US troops, has announced that they have begun to use robots to detect the bombs.

"There are 30 out there now. I'm in the process, in the next probably six months, of putting another couple of hundred in the field," the Colonel said adding that several hundred were on order.

The robot, called "Marcbot" is a small, wheeled vehicle that carries a camera atop an arm that can be manipulated by remote control from several hundred feet away.

They are used only to visually identify mines or improvised explosives concealed in animal carcasses, or plastic bags - not to dispose of them.


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