US: No change in support for Turkish-Armenian rapprochement

July 07, 2010, Wednesday/ 11:37:00
US State Department spokesman Mark Toner reaffirmed on Tuesday that there has been no change in America's position on the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia.During a daily press briefing in Washington, D.C., Toner said that the United States continued to support the process of rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia, adding that futhermore the American administration also supported a settlement in Upper Karabakh -- the two issues obviously are not mutually exclusive, but are mutually supportive, Toner said.

Responding to criticism that the US has not done much to work toward a solution to Karabakh issue, Toner said: "I don't accept this. I think we've continued to meet through the Minsk Group, rather continually, to work on these issues. Obviously they're difficult issues and that requires a great deal of time. But our Ambassador Robert Bradtke is hard at work on these issues and that's just reinforced by the secretary's visit to the region," Toner said.

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