Turkish president says parliament has missed opportunity for new constitution

February 08, 2010, Monday/ 09:30:00
Turkish President Abdullah Gül said Sunday there was a consensus that Turkey needed a better constitution, however that an opportunity had been missed for it.

"This parliament could have made a new constitution and there is a wide consensus for it. But that opportunity has been missed for various reasons," Gül told reporters aboard his plane to India, adding that partial amendments to the current constitution might be considered by political parties.

Responding to a question over Turkey's national security policy document, Gül said every country had such documents, adding that the important thing was that they included "realistic analysis, accurate projections and policies."

"There were times that the document was seen as above the constitution, which was totally wrong and unlawful," Gül said, adding that such documents could not be held above the laws or the constitution.

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