Teenage killer gets 24-year sentence for murder of girlfriend

Teenage killer gets 24-year sentence for murder of girlfriend

Cem Garipoğlu (Photo: Cihan)

November 18, 2011, Friday/ 16:43:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A court has handed down a 24-year sentence to the prime suspect in the premediated murder of Münevver Karabulut (18), who was murdered by her boyfriend, Cem Garipoğlu, in March 2009 at his home in İstanbul's Bahçeşehir district.

The Bakırköy 4th High Criminal Court released Mehmet Nida Garipoğlu, the boy's father. He was accused of aiding and abetting his son during and after the murder.

Karabulut's body was found in a trash bag in a dumpster with her severed head in a guitar case atop her corpse in March 2009. It did not take long in the ensuing investigation for Garipoğlu, the last person known to have been in contact with the 18-year-old woman, to become the prime suspect. After evading authorities for 197 days, Garipoğlu surrendered to authorities and was imprisoned pending trial.

The court also handed down three-year sentences to Garipoğlu's mother Tülay Makbule Garipoğlu and his uncle Hayyam Garipoğlu on charges of helping the suspect evade police. The penalty for Garipoğlu was reduced from life imprisonment because he was a minor when the murder took place.

According to Garipoğlu's testimony, he went to a hardware store and bought tools he would later use to dismember the woman's body, then wrapped up her body and tried to clean up the crime scene. He then called an unregistered cab to take him to the location where he would dump the body. He said he did this all by himself. “When I saw Münevver's lifeless body, I wanted to kill myself, but I couldn't,” he claimed during his testimony.

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