Spanish court: Judge not wrong in Civil War probe

Spanish court: Judge not wrong in Civil War probe

Locals demonstrate to show their support to Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon at Torres, his home town, in Andalusia, southern Spain, 16 February 2012. (Photo: EPA)

February 27, 2012, Monday/ 14:12:00

Spain's Supreme Court has acquitted Baltasar Garzon of charges that he overstepped his jurisdiction as a judge by launching a 2008 probe into right-wing atrocities around the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War.

Garzon, a judge who won world fame for taking on international human rights cases, was barred from the bench for 11 years earlier this month after he was found guilty of similar charges in a separate domestic corruption probe.

A court spokeswoman said Garzon was absolved by a 6-1 vote by judges in the Civil War case. She spoke Monday on condition of anonymity in keeping with court policy. 

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