No weapons found on Syria-bound German cargo ship

No weapons found on Syria-bound German cargo ship

The Atlantic Cruiser, sailing under the colours of Antigua and Barbuda, arrived at the Port of İskenderun, southern Turkey, on April 18, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)

April 25, 2012, Wednesday/ 14:41:00/ AP

The German owner of a cargo ship suspected of delivering weapons to Syria says Turkish customs officials found the vessel to have no unlawful cargo aboard.

Shipping company W. Bockstiegel Reederei said Wednesday custom officers in Turkey's eastern Mediterranean port of Iskenderun finished to unload and search the Atlantic Cruiser, finding only civilian goods.

A customs official in Iskenderun, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with government rules, confirmed that "nothing illegal" was found on the ship. He said the search was completed Tuesday.

The company said the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged ship, which had been meant to stop in Syria's Tartus port, will continue its way toward Bar, Montenegro.


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