Man attacks students out of ‘unrequited love’

Man attacks students out of ‘unrequited love’

A school bus was attacked in the Osmaniye province on Feb. 22, 2012. (Photo: Cihan)

February 22, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:57:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Two high school students were killed in an armed attack by a man who opened fire on a school bus with a pump rifle in the Kadirli district of the Osmaniye province on Wednesday.

Sinan Yaman, 23, opened fire Wednesday on a school bus, which was transporting students from the Kadirli Girls’ Vocational School. Three girls, who were injured in the attack, were taken to the hospital.

Two of the girls, Fatmanur Gedik and Fatmagül Yalçın, died at the hospital while the other injured girl, Rümeysa Demirel, remains in intensive care.

Yaman, who fled the scene following the incident, allegedly opened fire on the bus of students because Gedik did not return the feelings he had for her. Turkish media outlets reported Yaman’s attack as motivated by “unrequited love.”

In İstanbul, a man stabbed his wife to death on Tuesday in front of their son because she had told relatives of his regular beatings. Duran Cankut fled from the scene but was eventually detained by police.

In a separate incident, the Supreme Court of Appeals decided to reduce the sentence of a man who killed his wife in 2008. Hüseyin Özmen shot and killed his wife, Ayşe Yılbaş, at the hospital where she worked. The Court, decided that, because it was not clear when he decided to kill his wife, the murder was not premeditated. The İstanbul Feminist Collective protested the decision.

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