Judges and prosecutors elect new representatives for HSYK

October 18, 2010, Monday/ 12:17:00


Despite heated campaigning by the Judges and Prosecutors Association (YARSAV) to have its own men elected to the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK), Turkey's judges and prosecutors have elected independent candidates to the board who are better known for their pro-democracy stance. No association or professional group campaigned on behalf of the new HSYK members.
More than 11,700 judges and prosecutors, including everyone from the top members of the judiciary to judges serving in the remotest areas of the country, went to the ballot box on Sunday. Judges and prosecutors serving in ordinary courts voted to elect seven primary and four alternate HSYK members, while judges and prosecutors serving in administrative courts voted to elect three primary and two alternate members.


The elections follow the ratification of the 26-article constitutional amendment package on Sept. 12, which initiated a change in the HSYK structure, including increasing the number of HSYK members from seven to 22.

The primary members elected to the board are İbrahim Okur, Teoman Gökçe, Ömer Köroğlu, Nesibe Özer, Hüseyin Serter, Ahmet Kaya, İsmail Aydın, Ahmet Berberoğlu, Birol Erdem and Resum Yıldırım.


The alternate members are Harun Kotalak, Celal Avar, Hayrettin Türe, Ali Öztürk, Halil Koç and İbrahim Topuz.

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