Iran says it will be ‘Turkey’s turn’ if it goes ahead with Syria policies

August 07, 2012, Tuesday/ 11:20:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

A top Iranian general has warned Turkey that “it will be its turn” if it continues to “help advance the warmongering policies of the united states in Syria.”

“Al-Saud, Qatar, and Turkey are responsible for the blood being shed on Syrian soil,” Iranian Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Seyed Hassan Firouzabadi was quoted as saying by the Iranian media on Monday.

“This is not an appropriate precedent, that neighboring countries of Syria contribute to the belligerent purposes of the Great Satan, the United States. If these countries have accepted such a precedent, they must be aware that after Syria, it will be the turn of Turkey and other countries,” he reportedly said.

Firouzabadi added that Iran fears “Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have become victims of promoting the terrorism of al-Qaeda and we warn our friends about this.”

Iran has stood by its ally Syria despite the growing international pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, while Turkey has been among Assad's fiercest critics, demanding he stand down to defuse a 17-month uprising against his rule.



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