İstanbul court merges Poyrazköy, Gölcük cases

April 10, 2012, Tuesday/ 00:05:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

An İstanbul court has decided to merge an investigation into a cache of heavy munitions found buried underground in İstanbul's Poyrazköy neighborhood in 2009 with a probe regarding confidential documents seized from the Gölcük Naval Command.

The 12th İstanbul High Criminal Court merged the Gölcük investigation, where 10 suspects, five of them behind bars, stand accused, with the Poyrazköy arsenal investigation in its interim decision on Monday. The court asserted that statements of suspects in both investigations affect each other and that there is related evidence between the cases.

In 2010, a large number of secret documents were seized by the police from the Gölcük Naval Command.

The documents taken from the base are believed to have been compiled by a prostitution racket accused of resorting to blackmail to extract vital state security information from high-ranking military officers and senior bureaucrats with the intention of selling it to foreign intelligence services. The documents contained records of the categorization of top state figures as to their religious and political inclinations as well as documents suggesting what would happen after a military takeover. In addition, the documents contained key information about subversive coup plans, including the Cage Operation Action Plan, the Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism and the arms cache discovered in İstanbul's Poyrazköy neighborhood.

In 2009, İstanbul police discovered a large quantity of munitions, including hand grenades, light anti-tank weapons (LAWs), rocker launchers, Kalashnikov rifles, assault rifles, thousands of bullets and various other explosives, in Poyrazköy. The discovery came as part of an investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine criminal network charged with plotting to topple the government.

The Poyrazköy indictment demands life sentences for five naval officers -- Lt. Col. Ercan Kireçtepe, Lt. Col. Mustafa Turhan Ecevit, Maj. Eren Günay, Maj. Emre Onat and retired Maj. Levent Bektaş -- on charges of “attempting to destroy Parliament and the government.” There are now 71 suspects that stand accused in the case.

In 2010, a court ruled to merge the cases concerning the Cage Operation Action Plan -- which involved plots to assassinate leaders of religious minority groups in Turkey in order to undermine the government -- with the investigation into the Poyrazköy arsenal.

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