EU Commissioner for Enlargement Fule pleased with HSYK elections in Turkey

October 27, 2010, Wednesday/ 10:55:00
EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, said he was pleased with the conduct of the recent Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors elections in Turkey.

Fule who addressed the 65th session of the Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission hosted Tuesday by the European Parliament in Brussels, welcomed the election of 10 members to HSYK directly by the votes of 12,000 judges and prosecutors.

Commissioner for Enlargement said the commission's progress report on Turkey, to be announced on November 9, would praise the reforms implemented by Turkey in the last year including the constitutional amendment package adopted in the referendum on September 12, while underlining certain steps that needs to be taken.

Fule said the amendment package approved by 58 percent of the Turkish people was a landmark for Turkey in many areas including basic rights and liberties and public administration. He said Turkey should strengthen its democracy with a brand new constitution after the general elections in 2011.

He warned EU Countries like France and Cyprus who are blocking the opening of negotiation chapters with Turkey. He said both sides were up to a test of trustworthiness.

Fule emphasized that Turkey should be committed to the reform process and the EU countries should live up to the promises they made 5-6 years ago.

Fule said despite the disapproving position of the European Parliament, the Commission continued to support the Direct trade Statute with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, noting that the EU currently made trade with many similar territories it considered to be within its borders.

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