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Democracy washes the shores of Tunisia while Egypt waits for a new Moses

February 17, 2014, Monday/ 22:41:00

The news of Tunisia to pass the new constitution comes parallel with the news of General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi promoted as "Field Marshal" and mandated by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to run for presidency.Following the headline news of Tunisia, social media users in the Arab world drew comparison between the two North African countries raising questions about why Tunisia succeeded to pass a draft by consensus while Egypt relapsed to a brutal police state.


Concerns on shale gas and fracking technique: Turkey's case

January 10, 2014, Friday/ 00:25:00

Turkey has been working to extract shale gas by hydraulic fracturing operations for just four years, while the United States has developed nearly all necessary techniques and capabilities for the operation of the method.As it has nearly finished all the steps that should be taken for its production by this new method, indeed, it is estimated that half or more of the US’s natural gas supply will come from shale gas in 2050s. The thing making attractive shale gas and fracking me>>

The Triangle of Capitalism, USA, and the 2008 Global Crisis

November 28, 2013, Thursday/ 01:03:00

While the concept of crisis is generally treated in an economical axis, it will not be better to define the developments lived during and after the crisis as “economical, financial or fiscal” and to accept it only as a “refraction” in the finance sector.When the ties among the sectors are considered, it is evitable that the crisis lived in the finance sector affects the complete of economy and also the political and social structure seriously. Particularly, beca>>