Royal jelly for your health

Royal jelly for your health

February 26, 2012, Sunday/ 11:07:00/ NEŞE KUTLUTAŞ

Worker bees prepare a special secretion for the development of future queen bees. This secretion, called royal jelly, can greatly boost your health.

It supports hair and skin health, and this emulsion of proteins, sugars and lipids is also tremendously beneficial for muscles and the teeth.

There are still many questions left in the world of science about how it is that these hard-working bees carry out all their work with such precision. According to what we know, the queen bee runs the hive. There are usually between 25,000 and 100,000 bees living in one beehive.

While worker bees live between five and six weeks on average, a queen bee can live as long as three to six years, although they do not possess the qualities that the worker bees do to make food or collect pollen. In fact, the only duty of the queen bee is to procreate.

The secret to the long life of the queen bee

The metabolic difference and secret to the long life of the queen bee is that her only source of nutrition is royal jelly. In fact, all bees consume only royal jelly for the first three days of their lives. Only larvae chosen to be queen bees continue to eat royal jelly throughout their lives, and this actually causes physical changes to occur. The queen bee actually makes more eggs than her own weight every day: 3,000. And of course she lives much, much longer than the worker bees.

The benefits of royal jelly

The compounds that make up royal jelly are incredibly rich in vitamins. Royal jelly has a total of 22 amino acids as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B12, vitamin C and six basic elements. And this is not all; scientists have so far only been able to identify 4 percent of the compounds in royal jelly.

Experts note that royal jelly not only has a calming effect on our nervous system but also supports healthy hair and skin. The powerful enzymes in royal jelly help rejuvenate our bodies, making muscles, bones, veins and even teeth stronger and healthier.

Royal jelly's stress-fighting benefit is one that deserves particular focus. Since stress weakens the immune system, it ultimately helps lay the groundwork for viral infections and colds. Additionally, extreme stress can lead the way heart conditions and illnesses such as cancer. You can combat stress by getting exercise outdoors and eating a balanced diet. This is precisely where we understand the true value of royal jelly, in the important role it can play in strengthening the immune system. Research shows that, when a person's immune system is strengthened, that person will ultimately be protected from many more diseases. This is one of the most important benefits of royal jelly.

A group of chemists, homeopaths and herbalists, all driven by the belief that treatments for disease should be as natural as possible and that precautions should be taken before the onset of disease, created “Irena,” a mixture of fresh royal jelly, ginseng and Echinacea.

Echinacea is a natural antibiotic. It helps remove infections from the body before they cause damage. Irena is very effective at fighting rheumatism and pain caused by arthritis, and it also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

Some things to watch for when buying royal jelly

There are a wide variety of royal jellies available on the market these days. Many of them have been previously frozen. Buyers should be aware that freezing reduces the number of amino acids in royal jelly. People should be sure that the royal jelly they purchase was not previously frozen, and also that it has no vegetable oil added, as some do.

Here are just some benefits to be gained by consuming royal jelly:

  It is antibacterial.

  It helps control blood sugar levels.

  It helps balance hypertension.

  It reduces pain from rheumatism.

  It helps relieve headaches.

  It helps relieve fatigue.

  It increases lactation in nursing mothers.

  It reduces problems associated with aging.

  It is helpful in relieving some colds and some cases of asthma.

  It fights stress.