Turbans off to this taste

Turbans off to this taste

November 22, 2010, Monday/ 15:53:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Don’t be surprised if you see three signs that read kavuk (turban) on Macar Kardeşler Caddesi in İstanbul’s Fatih district. A çiğköfte restaurant-cafe and lahmacun restaurant all under the name Kavuk are owned by three partners.

Kavuk Çiğköfte & Restaurant & Café has something in store for everyone. Kavuk Çiğköfte is filled with customers, regardless of the time of day, with its delicious çiğköfte (raw meatballs) alongside its deep-fried içli köfte (meatballs in bulgur wheat). Both of these dishes are sure to please you. Umut Katar, the manager of the restaurant, says they are open to satisfy your taste buds until 1 o’clock in the morning. Kavuk Café has a pleasant ambiance. Eyüp Özcan who co-manages the cafe with Umut Katar, notes that every kind of herbal tea is offered in the venue, which seats 80. Kavuk Cafe appeals to nargile enthusiasts as well and is also open until 1 a.m.

And last, but not least, there’s Kavuk Lahmacun Restaurant. Managed by Abdullah İlzegen from Gaziantep, this venue has been in business over the past three years and is open until 11 p.m. with its seven staff members ready to serve you. İlzegen, whose father was in the same business, explains: “The meat mixture of lahmacun [Turkish pizza] is extremely important; I take good care in preparing it. My spices, meat and dough are specially made. I use dough without yeast so that it will be crispier.” Kavuk Lahmacun prepares a delicious and unique dish using both onions and garlic. And it’s only natural that one has künefe brought in from Hatay following Kavuk’s delicious lahmacun.

The crispiness of lahmacun…

Kavuk Lahmacun Restaurant certainly offers amazing lahmacun. And even though the restaurant’s çiğköfte is prepared without meat, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be licking your fingers. The place has a delivery service as well. You can enjoy their delicious food without leaving home! It would have been nice, however, if they prepared their own ayran -- unfortunately though they offer the pre-packaged variety.


Çiğköfte wrap: TL 3

Single serving çiğköfte: TL 7

İçli köfte: TL 2

Ezogelin soup: TL 3

Adana-Urfa Kebabı: TL 9

Chicken shish and wings: TL 9

Lamb shish, çöp shish: TL 12

Lahmacun: TL 2.5

Mixed kebap: TL 22

Beyti ve tomato kebap: TL 12

Eggplant kebap: TL 13

Wrap kebabs: TL 6

All pide types: TL 7-10

Enclosed Bafra pides: TL 8

Künefe: TL 6

Salads: TL 3-4

Tea: TL 1

Herbal teas: TL 2

Nescafe: TL 3

Cold drinks: TL 2.5

Turkish coffee: TL 3

Nargile: TL 10


The route to great food

Kavuk Çiğköfte & Restaurant & Cafe

Macar Kardeşler Caddesi Kamilpaşa Sok. No: 7-A Fatih-İstanbul

Tel: 0212 621 54 33-631 87 97