This soup is going to make you come back for more

This soup is going to make you come back for more

July 17, 2011, Sunday/ 15:43:00/ GÜLİZAR BAKİ

Aşina Çorba, famous for its soups, is a hot spot for those who frequent Kocaeli. But this isn't the only dish they offer: The ıslama (damp) köfte and kurufasulye (white beans) the restaurant serves up are also equally deserving of raving reviews.

The restaurant flew in its chef from Adapazarı and he has rolled up his sleeves to make alongside the soup the restaurant specializes in, white beans from the Şiran district of Gümüşhane, producing the dish in accordance with the Çayeli (a district in Rize) style. Upon tasting this succulent dish, you will understand why the beans may just give the soups a run for their money and why they are brought in specially from so far away.

Frequent visitors of Sapanca, Maşukiye and Kartepe are all too familiar with Aşina Çorba. When heading to Maşukiye from Kocaeli you will be greeted by this restaurant within two kilometers. Here you will find wonderful soup available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Try tripe, paça (trotter), lentil or ezogelin soup (made from red lentils, fine bulgur, tomato and chicken broth). For those interested, there is a black cabbage soup as well as some of the best kuru fasulye (white beans) you will taste. These beans are cooked with lemon wedges and brought in from Şiran. The beans are served up with butter and are sure to have you hooked on the taste for good.

Aşina Çorba does not stop at soup alone; you will also find çoban kavurma and ıslama köfte on the menu, which are firmly in the “finger licking good” category. Islama köfte (wet meatballs) is a dish from Adapazarı, as is the chef who prepares them. As for the bread, you will enjoy the warm, wholesome loaves that are brought in fresh from Adapazarı every morning.

Aşina Çorba has an interior which is sure to lift your spirits. If that were not enough, the kitchen is open to visitors. While your köfte is cooking or your soup is being poured, you can keep a close eye on the chef. Ayhan Kulaksız, the owner of the restaurant, says that they care for hygiene just as much as taste. He, along with his business partner Hüseyin Aydın, underscores that they want to make sure everyone who visits walks away with a pleasant experience as a memory.

Kulaksız says his father was also a chef and that he entered this line of work after being inspired by his father, of whom he says he used to prepare the most incredible soups.

Aydın's full-time job is in construction, but he visits this business venture in the mornings. Many people are hooked on this spot's soups. And when you take a sip of them, you will know exactly why.