The best meat is at Akgüller Steak House 67

The best meat is at Akgüller Steak House 67

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April 30, 2012, Monday/ 17:07:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

“Steakhouse” culture is still new in our country. Despite how common this type of eating is abroad, especially in America, some Turks perceive it as very elitist.

The meat cooked in steakhouses is different from the meat in kebab restaurants, from its cut to the way it is sliced. The way the meat is prepared and served is also very different. After reading this article you might still think you don’t want to try something new from a steakhouse and you would prefer to stick with kebabs. I advise you to be unbiased; give steakhouses a try. If the meat is cooked properly, you will be delighted by its taste. As long as the delicate balance of temperature, cooking time and fat percentage is just right; your steak will be so flavorful that you won’t even need to add any spice. You will just enjoy the meat.

Two weeks ago Akgüller Steak House 67 opened in İstanbul’s Florya neighborhood. The steakhouse is run by the Akgül family along with business partners Emre Coşar and Özkan Özyiğit.

The Akgül family has been in the butchery business for many years. Mehmet Akgül began working as a butcher in 1960 and in 1967 opened Akgüller Et Pazarı (Akgüller Meat Market) in Şehremini with his brothers Hasan and Yusuf Akgül. He then opened new branches of his Akgüller Et Pazarı in Bahçelievler in 1974, in Haznedar in 1977, and in Beylikdüzü in 1998.

Many customers were so pleased with the meat that they encouraged Mehmet to expand his business. After some thought the family decided to open a steakhouse and the result of that decision was Akgüller Steak House 67. The business functions as both a restaurant and a butcher shop. Yusuf runs the restaurant in Florya.

The steakhouse has a 70 person capacity and a lovely garden. The upper floor is currently under renovation, but will soon be opened to customers. It will be capable of hosting an additional 60 customers and have space for private meeting rooms. The ground floor and garden décor is very chic while remaining functional for a steakhouse. There are even two tables with grills built into them allowing customers to grill their own meat. The meat is kept at sub-zero temperatures before it is served to maintain freshness. The partners Coşar and Özyiğit also own Etiler Marmaris Buffet in Florya, another very popular establishment.

Akgüller Steakhouse’s “lokum” (Turkish delight) starter dish is made of a center-piece of fillet steak. It is really as soft as Turkish delight and very delicious. Additive-free sucuk, a type of dry garlic sausage, as made by the Akgül Family is another tasty treat. I haven’t tasted such delicious sucuk in quite a while. The ratio of meat to spice in sucuk is well done.

I ordered the T-Bone steak, Dallas steak and şaşlık (a form of şiş kebab popular throughout the Soviet Union) pierced on a skewer like an accordion. Their tastes surprised me. It is incredible that this place developed such delicious dishes in such a short time.

Looking at the inside of the meat you may suspect that the meat isn’t well cooked. But I assure you that it tastes much better a little on the rare side. The owners say they prefer to use cattle raised near Afyon and sheep raised near Balıkesir; Coşar claims they select the best animals. Özyiğit adds that they have a halal slaughtering certificate.

Truly the best feature of the place is the pricing policy. The prices in this restaurant are around TL 10 or TL 15 less than other steakhouses. One of the aspects that I liked most about this place is that they serve the meat on a wooden platter. It is both beautiful in appearance and also whets your appetite. Meat is served on a wooden platter next to fried green peppers, tomatoes and sprinkled rock salt. And don’t forget to shop at the in-house butcher. Bon Appétit!

Akgüller’s prices

Soup of the day: TL 5

Lokum (250 grams): TL 26

Şaşlık: TL 23

Smoked meat platter: TL 15

Grilled vegetable platter: TL 14

Dallas steak (400-500 grams): TL 40

T-Bone steak (400-500 grams): TL 38

New York steak: TL 36

Veal cutlet: TL 36

Fillet steak: TL 28

Beefsteak and rib steak: TL 26

Lamb cutlet and lamb steak: TL 26

Chicken steak and chicken

shish: TL 16

Akgüller meatball: TL 16

Meatball with kaşar cheese: TL 16

Special satır meatball (meatball made with chopped meat): TL 18

Salads: TL 7-9

Desserts: TL 6

Beverages: TL 3.5

Sucuk (per kilogram): TL 42

Pre-made meatball (per kilogram): TL 40

A new taste in Florya

Akgüller Steak House 67 in Florya offers a different soup every day. It offers take-away service and delivery within the limits of greater Florya. In addition to the steaks, I also liked the meatball with kaşar cheese. Additionally, I was pleased to discover that I can find Küşneme (a dish made with lamb fillet) and butcher-made sucuk at any time in this restaurant. The in-house butcher shop starts serving at 8:30 a.m. and food service starts at 11 a.m. and it is open until midnight every day. The place does not have a parking lot but does offer valet service. Diners should be aware that the two-storey building does not have a prayer room.

Don’t be misled by the red angry cow figure on the Akgüller Steak House 67 logo; you will be welcomed and served warmly. I enjoyed the grilled Trabzon bread served with meat dishes, but to be honest I think serving French fries with meat is odd.

Don’t wait and head this way!

Akgüller Steak House 67

Şenlikköy Mah. Florya Cad.

No: 33/2 Şenlikköy-İstanbul

Tel.: 0 (212) 540 86 86 and

0 (212) 574 22 33