Taş kasap: the address for delicious meat

Taş kasap: the address for delicious meat

Sefaköy’s Taş Kasap is unique in terms of its concept, decor and menu. (Photo: Today's Zaman)

May 29, 2012, Tuesday/ 15:52:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

No matter what people say, meat tastes best if it is removed from the grill when it is still juicy and not well done. Steakhouses are the best places to eat meat cooked in this way.

A new steakhouse has opened in İstanbul, a city that sees its number of steakhouses increase by the day. taş kasap (Stone butcher), which opened three months ago in the Sefaköy district, looks like just a butcher shop at first glance. However, a variety of delicious flavors are up for offer on the upper floor of the building. Moreover, I should confess that Taş Kasap is one of the best restaurants in Sefaköy in terms of its concept, decor and menu. Passing the clean, hygienic meat shop, head up to the second floor, which is decorated in a combination of wood, iron and tiles and where there is a grill. Taş Kasap, with a staff of seven, is a boutique restaurant that has a seating capacity of 50. While the building was initially rented with the intention of running a butcher shop, it was turned into a perfect restaurant thanks to the desire and vision of the owner of Taş Kasap.

Owner Murat Bezirci said the most important things are to use fresh meat and the way in which the meat is cooked. “Meat should be removed from the grill before it loses its juices. There is a very delicate balance. Meat should be served hot, or it doesn’t taste good,” he said, adding that they have customers who come from all over İstanbul to taste the delicious meats they cook over a fire of oak charcoal.

Actually, what they are doing requires great skill because they grill meat on its own, without adding so much as salt. Therefore, high quality meat and a skillful cook are essential. While wondering what to eat, I decided to yield to the chef’s choice. There really is a platter on the menu called Şefe Teslim (Chef’s Choice). This meat platter consists of butcher’s meatballs, meatballs with kaşar cheese, dana lokum (beef delight), lamb cutlet and entrecote steak for a total of 400 grams of meat. This loaded platter was very satisfying for me but may be too much for others.

The meat tastes excellent. The name of the place may be Stone Butcher, but the meat they serve is as soft as Turkish delight. I really liked the dana lokum, entrecote steak and lamb cutlet. If you add some Himalayan salt to the meat, which is cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time, you will experience a unique taste. The meatballs also taste great. Accompanied by cooked tomatoes, the meat is served on wooden platters. If you like spicy potato to accompany your meal, this is the place to go. After feasting on their halal meat (meat of animals slaughtered in accordance with Islamic requirements), you may also purchase meat from the butcher downstairs.

Taş Kasap outscores many others

The best advantage of this restaurant is that at any time you can find fresh, quality meat; you can choose your meat at the downstairs butcher and have it cooked. Don’t feel limited to portion sizes because you can also buy several kilograms of meat and have it cooked. You can even choose a variety of meats, which will then be charged according to the price per kilogram. You won’t find any plastic at this restaurant; water is served in a glass bottle and the meat on wooden platters. I recommend the lamb cutlet, entrecote steak and dana lokum. Each portion of meat served is 250 grams, making the prices quite affordable. The sesame bread, baked in their wood fired oven and brushed with egg yolk, is also delicious. Today’s Zaman, İstanbul

The Address of Good Meat

Taş Kasap Halkalı Cad. No: 108, Sefaköy, İstanbul

Tel: 0212 598 98 08